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"Secure Your Business General Liability Insurance - Don't Risk it!"

Having general liability insurance is essential for any contractor. This type of insurance provides coverage and protection against financial repercussions if an accident or injury were to occur on the job site, or if property damage due to negligence is sustained by another party. Not only does general liability insurance protect contractors in these cases, but it also demonstrates that they take their responsibilities seriously and are trustworthy professionals.

General liability insurance can cover a variety of incidents. These include bodily injury, property damage, personal liabilities such as libel/slander claims and copyright infringement suits, as well as advertising injury lawsuits. Having this kind of coverage helps contractors guard themselves against potential legal claims should something happen during the course of their work.

Unfortunately, general liability insurance isn’t always required by law - which means some contractors may mistakenly believe they don’t need it. However, general liability insurance should be considered an important part of any contractor's business plan – especially for those working in high-risk areas such as roofing and gutter installation. The risks associated with these types of projects are too great to ignore, so having general liability coverage is highly recommended.

As mentioned before, general liability insurance also shows clients that you’re a professional who takes their work seriously – giving them peace of mind knowing they hired the right contractor for the job. Additionally, general liability insurance allows contractors more flexibility with different services offered – meaning they can take on new projects without worrying about added risks or potential losses associated with taking on a new scope of work.

At J. Randal Insurance Agency we understand how vital general liability insurance is for those in the contracting industry – that’s why we strive to provide our customers with comprehensive protection plans tailored specifically to meet their needs! Visit us online today to learn more about our general liability policies and get started with protecting your business!


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