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Cyber-Awareness Month: 10 Simple Ways You Can Help Prevent a Big Cyber Incident

As new cybercrime tactics continue to emerge, more businesses are seen as targets than ever. It’s more critical to educate yourself and get proactive—for the protection of yourself, your business, and each and every client. Together, we can help reduce the success of lurking cybercriminals.

Watch for red flags, including:

  • Communications that express a sense of urgency and ask you to take action quickly

  • Links from outside sources

  • Misspelled website and email addresses

  • Content that says you’ve won a prize or contest

  • Content that appears to be from your bank, the IRS or other governmental agency

Follow best practices, like:

  • Avoid clicking on links whenever possible

  • Call to verify the validity of emails from outside sources

  • Consider using passphrases rather than passwords (they are longer and more complex)

  • Select your security questions carefully—if you decide to use your favorite band, for example, make sure that you don’t post about that same favorite band online regularly


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